Events 2013

Events 2013

Stephen Gill
Around the Allotments
ADF Gallery
January 24 to March 7, 2013

Around the Allotments is an exhibition of photographs by Stephen Gill, that looks at the Allotment sites and their owners across Belfast and greater Belfast. Stephen’s interest in allotments stems from photographing flowers and plants growing around the Reconnect center near Castlereagh, which he was attending as part of his recovery from a cardiac arrest which resulted in him being left with a brain injury.

The images in Around the Allotments have been photographed over the period of a year and illustrate the atmosphere, community spirit and resourcefulness of the plot owners.

Around the Allotments has been funded through the Arts & Disability Awards Ireland scheme, managed by the Arts & Disability Forum on behalf of the two Arts Councils of this island.


Maurice Orr
The Screaming Silence of the Wind
ADF Gallery
March 22 to April 25, 2013

This exhibition, of multi-sensory, large-scale paintings on canvas inspired by the barren, raw landscapes of Northern Ireland and Iceland, was originally commissioned by the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. It offers a unique experience for all audiences through sound, touch and sight.

'Through sound, paint and natural materials such as fish leather, I have created pieces which aim to evoke an holistic feeling of place,' says Northern Irish artist Maurice Orr. 'Visitors to the exhibition are encouraged to touch the surfaces, look at the landscapes and listen to the sounds that inspired me to make each of the pieces.'

Maurice Orr studied at Belfast College of Art and Design and worked as a graphic artist for the Northern Ireland Civil Service before turning to oil painting. He got his first big break through the Arts & Disability Awards Ireland scheme, a dedicated grant scheme supporting  disabled artists to produce new work; the scheme is managed by the Arts & Disability Forum on behalf of the two Arts Councils of the island.

This series of work offers audiences direct contact with the visual arts; in particular, the exhibition includes recorded audio descriptions for blind and visually impaired people.


Plaaang Diddley

Andrew Cooke
Plaaang Diddley!
ADF Gallery
3rd - 30th May, 2013

On Thursday 2 May, 5-7pm, there will be a preview at the Arts & Disability Forum of a show where not only are you welcome to touch, you’ll be able to make a noisetoo. Ceramicist Andrew Cooke makes unusual bespoke musical instruments: diddley bows. They are derived from instruments used in West Africa, where children play them, one beating the string with sticks and the other changing the pitch by moving a slide up and down. The instrument was developed as a children's toy by slaves in the United States. People will be able to pick the diddley bows and play them in the gallery.

This exhibition has been programmed by the ADF as a contribution to the 14th Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival (



Doreen Kennedy
ADF Gallery
June 7 to July 31, 2013

Revisit is a collection of work documenting photography-based art installations by visual artist Doreen Kennedy. The exhibition will include 'Flower Bed' and the more recent 'Sea Bed' installation.

Doreen Kennedy's day-to-day practice is to visit, revisit and document a series of locations over a period of time. The work explores themes of the external environment, time-capture and the process of recording time through images on the experience of being in a particular location. The images provide evidence or findings  and can be seen as a series of notes describing nostalgic memories of a location or object.

Sea Bed 1is an installation containing detailed images of the sea at Killiney Beach, County Dublin. The prints are placed in a circular shape, with images running from details of pebbles at the front, to ripples in the water, then images of the horizon line towards the back. The installation reflects on repeated visits, documenting them in the form of a 3-dimensional seascape. Sea Bed was installed on Killiney Beach and documented over the course of a day.

Flower Bed is made up of approximately 600 photographic prints of flowers, mounted back to back. Each set of prints is placed overlapping to make an artificial, photography-based flower bed, set up to surprise the viewer in a public space. The piece looks at everyday actions of viewing flowers and plant life in a public park, over repeated visits. Flower Bed was installed at Sculpture in Context, Dublin; Celestial Salt, the Good Hatchery, Co. Offaly and Art in Odd Places, New York.

At 4pm on the same day, Doreen will also give a talk about her work as part of the ADF’s Conversations series. BSL etc are available - access requests by 30 May, please.

This exhibition has been programmed by the ADF as a contribution to the Belfast Photo festival.

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