Time to Change

4th NI Mental Health Arts & Film Festival

TIME to CHANGE: Group Exhibition

Arts & Disability Forum

16th May – 16th June 2017

Seek” by Karl Thomas



My mental health has changed me,

in the way I live & think.

David Davies

NIMHAFF has teamed with Arts & Disability Forum to host ‘Time to Change’, a group exhibition drawn from an open call that attracted 80 submissions. Works by 17 artists from across Ireland combine in this must-see show – a vivid testament to the link between creative expression and inner resilience. ‘Time to Change’ is a wide, wild collection revealing the transformations (tiny & massive, gradual & sudden) that represent daily life for people who experience mental-health issues.

In addition to the visuals, musician Jim McClean will host and perform at the lunchtime launch (1 p.m. on Tuesday 16th May); he and Louise O’Donnell (DJ Fifites) will also provide musical entertainment at Late Night Art (Thursday 1st June).


In 2013, a wide range of individuals from arts, academic, social work, and faith organisations kicked off the very first NI arts festival focussed on mental health issues. The festival team is diverse, cross-community, and cross-sector, providing a really exciting opportunity for people from very different backgrounds and opinions to work together in creating something nationwide from scratch.


NIMHAFF exists to:

  • Celebrate and promote mental health
  • Challenge stigma and correct mental-health inequalities in the care system
  • Forge connections between artists, community organisations and the wider public
  • Reach those often missed by both the arts and health-education models
  • Support recovery and wellbeing, and reduce self-stigma via active creativity
  • Create enduring partnerships and projects that stretch beyond each festival


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